Wellness Care
Wellness care is the foundation of a long, healthy life for your dog or cat. It’s critical in preventing a wide range of potentially deadly diseases, and it provides an opportunity for your veterinarian to detect and treat minor problems before they become serious or life-threatening. At Corbin Animal Clinic, we firmly believe that preventative care and wellness services are vital for pets of all ages. If your companion is in need of wellness care in Corbin, let our compassionate pet care team help.

Wellness Care Services for Dogs and Cats

Just like you and your kids need to see the doctor for physicals and shots, your pets need to see a vet for routine exams, vaccines and more. Our wellness care services for dogs and cats include:

  • Comprehensive wellness exams
  • Vaccinations
  • Microchipping
  • Puppy and kitten care
  • Parasite prevention and control
  • Nutritional counseling

Animal Wellness Care in Corbin

When you bring your companion to us for wellness care, we’ll work together to come up with a comprehensive plan for delivering the best possible care for your dog or cat. If you need an experienced veterinary care team for affordable wellness services, contact Corbin Animal Clinic today.

Your Veterinarian in Corbin

Corbin Animal Clinic provides wellness care for cats and dogs in Corbin, Woodbine, North Corbin, Gray, Arkle, Rockholds and the surrounding areas.
Corbin Animal Clinic is a full-service veterinary hospital located in Corbin, KY.
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