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Pet Diagnostic Testing in
Corbin, KY

At Corbin Animal Clinic, we have a full suite of diagnostic testing equipment that allows us to get answers quickly and begin treatment right away. Whether your pet needs bloodwork, x-rays, or another type of test, we are equipped to provide in-house diagnostic testing to save both
time and money.

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Diagnostic Testing in Corbin, KY

When your beloved companion is in need of treatment for an injury or illness, every second is important. Waiting around for test results is frustrating and, in extreme cases, can be deadly. We can determine plenty about your pet’s health during a regular exam, but sometimes we need to look a bit deeper. When your pet needs diagnostic testing in Corbin, we can help. Our in-house laboratory allows us to perform bloodwork and other lab tests to detect problems or monitor your pet’s health. We also have radiology equipment that allows us to take x-rays to get a look inside your pet’s body. Combined, these tools allow us to offer comprehensive in-house diagnostic testing for a wide range of issues.