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Pet Boarding

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Pet Boarding Form

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Fees are charged on a per night basis. Pets are released only during normal business hours. Animals will not be released until services are paid.

 I understand that Corbin Animal Clinic LLC does NOT perform overnight care, and will provide staffing for weekend care and other instances when the office is closed. 

I understand that I will that I will be contacted in case of emergency. However, if I cannot be reached I authorize Corbin Animal Clinic LLC to perform lifesaving treatment on my pet. I also understand that I will be responsible for all financial charges that may occur with this. I do not hold Corbin Animal Clinic LLC responsible for any injuries or illnesses suffered by my pet. 

I release Corbin Animal Clinic LLC from any liability due to loss of my pet(s) blankets, toys, bowls, containers, leashes, beds, and anything else I elect to bring with my pet while staying at their facility for boarding. 

I understand that Corbin Animal Clinic LLC does require that my pet be on flea/tick prevention for the protection of my pet and other boarders. If my pet is not current on veterinary dispensed flea/tick prevention, Corbin Animal Clinic LLC will apply medication at an extra charge. 

I have given accurate information about my pet(s) to the best of my knowledge. I have also read and understand all above statements. 

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