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Pet Boarding in
Corbin, KY

As a loving pet parent, you would probably love to take your four-legged companion with you everywhere you go. Unfortunately, that isn’t always an option. When you need a safe place for your dog or cat to stay while you are away, we can help. We offer pet boarding in Corbin and would be honored to have your furry family member as our guest!

Dog Playing

Pet Boarding Services in Corbin, KY

When you need pet boarding in Corbin, let your pet stay with us rather than taking them to another boarding facility or hiring a pet sitter. We welcome you to tour our facility and would be more than happy to address any concerns you may have. Contact us today to schedule a time to visit or to book your pet’s stay.

When your pet stays with us, you have the benefit of knowing that there is a veterinarian nearby to care for them. Your pet will be kept in a safe, clean, and comfortable environment while you are away, and you can depend on our caring staff to provide medication and special food as needed. Your companion will be given plenty of exercise and will be showered with love and affection to ensure that they are happy while you’re away. Our dog runs are a great place for energetic pups to play and explore.

If your pet is terminally ill, suffering from a serious injury, or nearing the end of their life due to the natural aging process, our caring staff can provide the care they need to ensure that their remaining days are as comfortable as possible. We are also here to provide pain-free euthanasia services when the time comes to say goodbye.