Pet Wellness in Gray: Why It’s So Important

No matter how old or young your pet is, routine wellness care is the secret to keeping them healthy and happy for years to come. At Corbin Animal Clin...
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The Benefits of Choosing Vet-Supervised Pet Boarding in Woodbine

Whether you are leaving home for just a night or two or you are planning an extended vacation, ensuring that your pet is well cared for in your absence is a huge priority. Finding the right person (or people) to care for your furry family member while you are away can be tricky, though, and many pet parents find it difficult to relax knowing that their pets are in good hands. 

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Bad Breath? Our Pet Dentist in Gray Shares Some Valuable Tips

Hundreds of excited and wet doggie kisses and up-close meows are some of the pleasures of pet parenting.

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Pet Vaccines Woodbine

Getting your pet vaccinated is one of the most important things that you can do to help them live a long and healthy life. In fact, vaccines are one of the main reasons why companion animals are now able to live much longer lives than they did in the past. Vaccines do a great job of safeguarding pets against several potentially deadly diseases,

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Welcome to Corbin Animal Clinic

Welcome to Corbin Animal Clinic! We are a full-service veterinary clinic located in Corbin, Kentucky, and we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality, compassionate care to dogs and cats throughout the region.

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