Bad Breath? Our Pet Dentist in Gray Shares Some Valuable Tips


Hundreds of excited and wet doggie kisses and up-close meows are some of the pleasures of pet parenting. However, they may not be so pleasurable if your canine companion or feline friend has bad breath. Even worse, if you detect a persistent or unpleasant odor in the exhaled breath of your pet, it could indicate poor oral hygiene, infection, or gum disease that may lead to other issues.

Our pet dentist in Gray at Corbin Animal Clinic can help prevent painful problems with the right diagnosis and treatment.



Early Detection of Underlying Causes

A survey shows that only nine percent of cats and 14 percent of dogs get dental care at a vet office. With scores of types of bad breath causing bacteria, it’s also important to note that bad breath may not be the only problem since bacteria can lead to a wide range of additional issues.

Plaque buildup can lead to gingivitis that has severe outcomes for your furball baby. Over time, it can lead to additional issues, including organ damage, too. 

Here are some severe outcomes of dental disease:

  •         Gum disease or bad tooth
  •         Tonsillitis
  •         Systemic diseases like diabetes or kidney problems
  •         Autoimmune diseases like feline leukemia and FIV
  •         Intestinal problems or worms
  •         Obstruction in the throat or mouth

Whenever you smell that awful or fishy odor in your pet's mouth, we take the right steps to remedy the issue.

Care Starts at Home

Once our pet dentist in Gray finds the cause of bad breath in your pet, they will provide a detailed treatment and care plan. It will include brushing at home, safe chew toys for the pets, and a healthy diet plan.

Brushing your pet’s teeth is an uphill task at the start and needs patience. However, daily cleaning and brushing cut back on tartar and plaque buildup, so these tasks are well worth the effort. . 

We recommend using toothpaste, toothbrush, mouth rinses, and chewing toys approved by VOHC or Veterinary Oral Health Council.

Book an Appointment with Our Pet Dentist in Gray for Detailed Oral Exam

Bad breath in pets isn’t healthy, but with proper dental care, it is avoidable. Routine professional cleaning at our hospital can reduce unpleasant smells and restore your pet’s healthy smile.

But, if the bad breath results from any other cause, experts at the Corbin Animal Clinic offer tailored treatment plans to avoid serious complications. We take care of your pet’s dental hygiene to ensure their well-being and good health.

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